Sunday, February 24, 2013

Luther Grows Fond of Katie

"I would not exchange Katie for France or for Venice, because God has given her to me and other women have worse faults."  Martin Luther grew in his resolve to take Katie as his wife.  His friends were shocked by his proposal, with comments such as, "For heaven's sake, not this one."  It was predicted that "the world and the Devil would laugh and Luther's work would be undone."

Spalatin was Luther's mentor/father in Christ.  He surely had a non ending challenge and source of concern trying to keep Martin Luther calm, far away from those who would kill him.  At this juncture, Spalatin asked Martin what he thought of long engagements.  Luther replied, "Don't put off till tomorrow!  By delay Hannibal lost Rome.  by delay Esau forfeited his birthright.  Christ said, 'Ye shall seek me, and ye shall not find.'  This Scripture, experience, and all creation testify that the gifts of God must be taken on the wing."

Three days later, Luther made a public announcement of his betrothal to Katie.  At this point it seems that Luther began to get a bit more excited about his upcoming wedding.  He sent out letters of invitation, telling Spalatin, "You must come to my wedding.  I have made the angels laugh and the devils weep."  To a gentleman who helped arrange the escape of the nuns, "I am going to get married.  God likes to work miracles and to make a fool of the world.  You must come to the wedding."

On June 27th, 1525 at 10:00 AM Luther escorted his beaming wife to be, Katherine Von Bora, to the parish church in Wittenberg.  The bells rang out the good news through the streets.  The religious ceremony was performed.  Afterward a banquet in the Augustinian cloister followed by a dance at the town hall.  That evening another banquet occured.  All took their leave at 11:00 PM.  Isn't that a fun wedding day?

So, an ex -priest married an ex- nun.  Luther was socially past marrying age, Katie on the furthest edge (late 20's).  They weren't particularly 'in love' as we would say.  They both however felt called to the marriage, took joy in the marriage, and had what appears to be a very good time.

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Charity said...

Oh! What a great story! My dear Luther, you were ridiculous and yet your passion for truth and what is right is an inspiration even today to live whole-heartedly for Christ. I don't think he was always right, in fact I know he wasn't, but he is such a good example of just getting up and doing something with his life. He made some grave mistakes, but he knew he served a loving master.