Saturday, February 23, 2013

Katherine Von Bora

Two years after Luther helped the twelve nuns escape the cloister, all were safely tucked away in marriages or positions except one.  Her name was Katherine Von Bora.  A match had been made for Katherine, but her partner went and married someone else.  Poor Katherine!  Then, Luther made another selection for her.  His name was Dr. Glatz.  Katherine defied Luther's choice, and said she would marry Luther instead!  It was meant as a good humored rebuff because Luther was past marrying age at forty two.

Luther did not respond seriously to Katy's suggestion until he went home to visit his parents.  His father it seems, loved the idea!  Luther began to think that perhaps it would be good to marry.  He could give Katherine the status as a married woman she needed and give a testimony to his faith.  Luther wrote,
"...  I believe in marriage, and I intend to get married before I die, even though it should be only a betrothal like Joseph's".

Well, Ok Luther.  It was a good thing to do... to take care of Katy.  It makes the more romantically inclined  wonder at his frankness.  But, the story gets better.

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