Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely Autumn

I love fall. In Minnesota, fall meant trees painted in lovely reds, oranges, and yellows...simply breathtaking. In Iowa, fall meant nippy mornings and searching for mittens in the bottom of drawers. In Montana, fall meant brown, dry wheat fields and dropping temperatures. In Arizona, fall meant...hmmm....not much. In Wisconsin, fall meant simply delightful times picking apples in Bayfield and watching the parade march down main street with Lake Superior glittering in the frosty air as a backdrop. Somewhere in my memory, I see Mary Beth marching with her little bitty violin and Kip following along as chaperon. In northern Texas, fall meant days at the park with 4 little ones and a much desired change in weather. In Montana again, fall meant beautifully decorated lawns and fall dances. In Alaska, fall meant the short summer was gone and winter would be here tomorrow. The fireweed was gone, and the mountains were white. It meant get prepared ASAP! Now in southern Texas, fall means joy, beauty, a second chance to grow something in my garden, dogs running around in ecstasy and growling their happiness to me every time I walk outside. It means I reminisce the past and honestly I do miss the beauty of the north. Thank-you Lord for this exquisite and delicious day.