Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our new friends in Kiev, Ukraine.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Summer Adventure

There are many ways to have a bit of adventure in the summer.  Lots of Texans head for the beach for a few days.  Some head to milder climates or overseas for a little culture.  We are heading for a park on the Medina River tomorrow to picnic with the family and swim.  But, our real news is that Charity and I are heading around the world to do ministry.  We'll fill you in when we get back, but suffice it to say now that we are anticipating some major culture shock. We are also expecting harder living conditions than we are used to.  There is even some fear of what we may encounter.  Today, I resolve to think on what I do know about God.  He has given light, and I can use that light for good...and for the gospel.  That is my choice today.

"Instead of complaining that you have no more light, make good use of what you have.
Many groan over their inabilities, and yet they have never gone to the end of their
abilities: this is sheer hypocrisy."
Charles Hadden Spurgeon  

                                                I pray we will go to the end of our abilities...