Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here are a few thoughts after a sermon in chapel this morning by Rick Holland. The sermon was the 2nd of a series the college is doing this week on the trinity. This one was The Trinity: The Son

“Your life is to be consumed in Jesus.”

I have legs so that I can serve and walk places for Jesus
I have attention so that I can think upon Jesus
I have teeth so that I can smile at Jesus and because of Jesus
I have sorrow so that I can greater appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice
I have joy so that I can rejoice in Jesus
I have a brain so that I can think about Jesus
I have gratitude so that I can give thanks to Jesus
I have pain so that I know I can be fulfilled in Jesus
I am given abilities so that I can perform them for Jesus
I can make coffee so that I can serve Jesus through making coffee
I like coffee so that I can praise Jesus for His grace to me
I have eyes so that I can see Jesus one day
I have love so that I can love Jesus

That's just a beginning, you can go on forever and ever. Everything that you have is a gift that is given to you to bring you back to Jesus. Think about it, anything, everything big or little . . . try it for five minutes. For everything you are doing: Why did God give me that particular emotion/action/thought process etc?

Monday, September 27, 2010

God is . . .

"God is everything: goodness, loveness, kindness . . . ." - 7 year old Caleb yesterday when telling me about his Bible lesson from Sunday school.