Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Secret

Girls Coffee Break is a great way for us to share what we’re up to with all of our great friends. Us not posting this summer was not our way of saying that we haven't been up to anything. Quite the opposite! We were too busy! This summer we have been anything but bored. Another reason we haven’t posted is that we weren’t quite ready to tell everyone that our days are filled to the brim with making this house a home for a LOT of people. It was sort of hard to describe to our readers why in the world we made 7 duvet covers this summer. Why we had so much paper work that we were continuously signing, faxing, and re-faxing. Why we had a whole extra big bedroom that wasn’t furnished for a few months and then suddenly was furnished with two twin beds that we obviously didn’t need. Why we were forever and always painting, remodeling, decorating, re –doing, and making a fuss about having EVERYTHING done by the end of summer. So, what is the big secret? Well, we have some very exciting news! Mom’s pregnant with triplets!!!! No, just kidding! (I’ve been dying to tell someone that, so you are my guinea pigs) Sort of true though . . . The truth is, we’re adopting 3 boys! Not quite triplets, but just as scarry. The oldest is 11, then 9, then 7. We met these boys just a couple of weeks ago and they are already a part of the family. In about an hour and 20 minutes, we will welcome these 3 into our home to stay. Forever. I am now the sister of FIVE brothers! My mom and dad are now parents of EIGHT children! Yikes! Well, we are as excited as can be and over the next few weeks we’ll try to share some things that we’ve learned this summer as well as a great duvet pattern and some more fun things. God has really blessed our family in this process and we are so excited to welcome David, Jesse, and Caleb into our family for good.

Why Haven't We Been Posting?


THREE new pillows
THREE new towels
THREE new toothbrushes
A picture of Jesus with some BOYS
Oh, and what does that certificate say?