Friday, February 22, 2013

Delivered in a Herring Barrel

Luther had no thought of marriage whatsoever.  His was a life of controversy  which would very likely end in certain death by the hands of the papacy.  During the reformation however, monks began to marry.  "Good heavens! They won't give me a wife," he boldly proclaimed.

In a short time a situation arose which would challenge his stand.  Monks and nuns were leaving the cloisters.  Some sisters nearby asked Luther what they should do now that they didn't agree with the church and their chosen profession.  He arranged for their escape.  On the eve of the Resurrection 1523, twelve bundled nuns were taken from the cloister in empty herring barrels packed in the back of a wagon. Three of the nuns returned to their homes.  The other nine came to see Luther!  

Luther took it on himself to find homes, husbands, or positions for all nine women.  He stated that he would not marry one because he expected daily the death of a heretic.

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