Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Little Man

C. S. Lewis thought it offensive to call a young man "little man," but I can't help it.  My Natey Boy is my little man.  If only he wasn't my brother and a little older . . . Oh well.

Here's my little man trying to be a big man like his Papa.  We heard him outside the other morning as he was getting firewood ready for the family.  It was cold and we had the stove blazing.  The yelling is a trick he learned from his Jui-Jitsu professor.  "Ki-ah!" is what they yell before striking.  "Makes me hit harder," he told me later.  Seemed to work pretty well for him.

1 comment:

Queenie The Bee said...

Oh Natey! I love the woodcutting trick. :D adorable but practical! ;)