Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Adventures

The other evening the house was dark.  Alone in a bedroom sat myself and my mom.  The boys were having a camping trip and we were left in the charge of the dogs.  One dog, a close descendant of a wolf is "primary guard dog."  The other, a black and white herder of English descent is "secondary guard dog" who sleeps in the house.  Both vow to be faithful to the family and cruel to any disruption of their family.  
*Scout and Willy

As we sat in the bedroom making some baby quilts for some little ones we have not yet had the privilege to meet, we heard howling in the distance.  Willy never howls.  When he used to howl in AK, it was some sort of sick hoarse undeveloped howl.  This, though, was different.  The howling grew louder and louder and became a growling bark.  Guard dog #2 sat up in her kennel and began trying to pace.  The close quarters of the kennel made it not very easy to pace, so she ended up turning circles in a ridiculous manner.  

Dutifully, I got up to let guard dog #2 out the door.  She took off.  Willy came running up to me and begged me in a very old yeller type way to come follow him.  I stepped back and took in my surroundings.  It was dark.  There was surely a creature out there waiting for me.  My feet were bare and the cement porch was cold on my tootsies.  So, I thought better of following the advice of my protector.  I went inside.  

My mom and I held a quick counsel that lasted about 30 seconds and then jumped into action.  She went to the closet to continue picking out fabrics for the quilts we were making.  I went downstairs and collected my supplies before heading out.  

By the time I had myself put together they had been able to chase the watcha-m-call-it away.  So, I never was able to figure out whether it was a cougar, porcupine, or coon.  I think it was one of those though.  We did deduce, it was not a skunk.  

*For all the observant ones: no, the pic was not taken the night of the expedition, but totally set up later . . . we didn't have time the night of.

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