Thursday, January 21, 2010

What are You Reading To Your Children?

I am a staunch advocate of reading to children. My own five children have been read to profusely, they have been made to read to each other, they have all read aloud to the family, and been made to listen to books they couldn't even quite grasp yet. For those they weren't ready for, they simply picked up on as much as they could get and put the rest in their quick little minds for later use.

When I was a young mother in the 1980's looking for answers to my many parenting questions, I stumbled upon a great book. Honey For a Child's Heart gave me much needed insight into the world of children's literature. Through Gladys Hunt's instruction I grasped the importance of making books and reading an integral part of our home.

Honey For a Child's Heart, published in 2002 is worth your time whether you are a new mom or one that's "been around the block". Give your family the gift of good literature. Gladys Hunt's book is the best place I know to start.

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