Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C.H. Spurgeon Autobiography

Among the books in our home right now, is a hardback copy of

C.H. Spurgeon Autobiography: Volume 1

The Early Years

I try to read at least a couple of pages each morning during my devotion time. I immensely enjoy reading Spurgeon's own words, penned by his own hand, and flowing from his own heart. Spurgeon weaves his story in all the richness that is Spurgeon. All is done so that we are pulled to the core of his life, that of glorifying Christ. Archibald Brown has described Spurgeon this way:
"In his heart Jesus stood unapproached, unrivalled. He worshiped Him; he adored Him. He was our Lord's delighted captive."
As I read, it is not Spurgeon I see, but God.
I look forward to sharing some of the precious stories from Spurgeon's childood here on Girls Coffeebreak.

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