Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coffee and Cookies

I'm sitting in a rocking chair in a bright and sunny living room listening to the sound of birds and wind chimes through the open porch door.  The breeze is coming gently in and I have a half eaten cookie and cup of coffee sitting beside me.  This can only mean one thing.  I'm home.  I love being home.  It is so pretty here and my family is here and I really do think it is where I belong.  Well, at least I know it is where I belong right now.

Nate, Joseph, and my mom just went into town to do some grocery shopping and also so Nate can do his martial arts later this afternoon.  My dad is at work, of course, but will be coming home tonight around 8:30.  Scout the border collie is running from window to window trying to see the last glimpse of the car driving away or a mischievous squirrel springing from the trees to the ground where she may be able to chase it if she can get outside fast enough.  Willy, my husky, is outside laying on the porch enjoying the breeze and cool weather.  Elsa and Nora are upstairs taking a nap.  I grabbed another cup of coffee and a cookie so that I could comfortably wait out the cooling of my lefse dough that I just mixed up.

So this is my plan for this break.  We'll see if it comes to being or not.  I would like to post on activities that we do, recipes that I make, and anything else that takes up my time.  Hopefully it'll prove interesting :)   I am sorry ahead of time for the quality of the pictures.  If you are a photography snob, I am afraid you will be sorely dissapointed.  For one thing, I don't take amazing pictures 99% of the time.  For another, when I'm on vacation, and even when I'm not actually, I don't carry my camera around wherever I go.  What usually happens is I take out my phone and snap a picture from there.  Thus, you will either have to bear with bad photography or no photography.

I hope that whether you are in 2 feet of snow, pouring down rain, sunshiny weather, or somewhere in between you will all make sure to enjoy this Christmas season!

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