Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Scarecrow For Betty

September in the Hill Country has been beautiful. Along with cooler temps, some rain, soccer, changing leaves, and the exotic aroma of pumpkin bars wafting through the house it is also my mother in laws birthday. Every year I work hard to find her something that will truly surprise her. This year it is a scarecrow. She lives in Minnesota where the air is crisp and delicious in September. Hopefully, "Scarecrow Joe" will find a happy place to sit out the autumn at her house. Happy Birthday Betty!


Queenie The Bee said...

Oh,G Betty is going to LOVE this....I can just see it now, out by the big washtub flowers. DARLING. I love it.

Joseph said...

wait.....why is it scarecrow Joe? doesn't scarecrow Nate sound better?

Lisa said...

Scarecrow Nate is up on our gate...much more to his size.