Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break 2013

The Jacobson family enjoys Spring break every year by segregating.  The boys...no matter what age and the girls...no matter what age break apart from each other and go their separate ways.  This year, the boys which includes Kip (husband), Mario (son in law), Joseph (son), Nate (son), Mikey (7 yr. old grandson), and Gabe (5 yr. old grandson) took off for Sun City, AZ at 2:15 AM today.  Joseph flew in from California last night.  He was picked up in Austin, driven to Blanco...and transferred his backpack full of clothes to the van.  They drove out of here with 3 sleepy little boys, and 3 sleepy big boys.

Before they got the little ones loaded up though, we had an impromptu party in the kitchen. I was glad I had muffins, chocolate chip bars, grapes, and cheese ready for the taking.   We decided being up at 2:00 AM makes a person very hungry.  Joseph and Charity, our starved college students ransacked the refrigerator first thing.  Joseph walked out to the van with his arms full of food.

Now for the girls. :)  There's Lisa (mom), Mary Beth (married daughter), Charity (daughter), Elsa (3 yr. old grandaughter), and Nora (1 yr. old grandaughter).  There's talking, coffee, tea, cookies, walks, flowers, books, talking, shopping, and maybe a home project if we are so inclined.  Today, it's just Charity and me.  So far: tea at 2:30 AM, coffee at 10:00, talking, brainstorming a new project for our den.  We're happy.  We love our men and boys, but we love re-grouping just the girls once a year as well.

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