Friday, March 29, 2013

"God didn't answer. He turned away from his Boy."

Charity and I are big fans of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. It's one of those books that while I am reading it I keep thinking..."Oh, I wish I could write like this!"   Just recently I purchased a read aloud copy for my Kindergarten Sunday School class.  Nate (10) noticed it (of course...because he notices anything new in the house). He was interested, so in the evenings we have been reading the death and resurrection portions to him before bed.  Now, this is a boy used to reading chapters of the Bible regularly during family times.  I thought perhaps he was too old for it...boy, was I wrong!  He LOVES it!  He is never satisfied with one or two stories.  That's all he gets though so the enthusiasm doesn't wane.  He's enthralled with the artwork which is edgy and fun.  Sally Lloyd Jones is a master story teller and has done us all a huge blessing.  Bless the children in your life this Easter with this fabulous Bible.

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