Friday, May 14, 2010

My Magic Dust

The past two weeks, my mom and I have spent all our time cleaning the house. Of course, cleaning is a never ending project, but we really went through and deep cleaned every room. It was a second wave of our "moving-in" process. We actually finished this endeavor on Wednesday, took yesterday off, and touched up today. Tomorrow, we are having some new friends over and will hopefully be able to bless them with a clean, scorpion free, spider free, not so furnished home. We are really looking forward to it.

Through the endeavor of cleaning a big house, I have come to rely a lot on google. It's silly maybe, but you can find so much stuff on there! Really, you can. Cleaning product staples in our home have been bleach, vinegar, simple green, and Windex. However, I discovered (or re-discovered) through google articles another cleaning product that we rarely use. I have never thought that baking soda was that great of a thing, except in chocolate chip cookies. However, I have come to realize that it takes smells out of sinks, used couches with old musty smells, carpet with cat nastiness etc. It's really quite a wonder. It also cleans a pan right up if you bring some water and a handful of baking powder to a rolling boil. My mom (Lisa) decided that it was like a magic dust for me. I throw it into the dishwasher, into dirty pots, onto smelly carpets, and anywhere else I feel that it might just do some good. I even used it to clean off that really nasty sticky grease stuff that collects on top of cupboards. Voila! Everything is like new again! So, if you're like I was, and thought that baking soda was an old cleaner and really doesn't work, give it up. It's absolutely amazing!

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Queenie The Bee said...

we love baking soda too! Works really well on stainless countertops. ;)