Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Gardening (in August)

We spent our morning in our own "Mr. McGregor's Garden."  The dogs, Joseph, my Mom, and I worked hard in the morning (which was swiftly turning to hot day) to dig up the last of the summer garden and quickly work up the soil and fertilize it with our very own compost.  I kept having flashbacks from old golden books Mom used to read to us about kids doing gardening throughout the summer, rabbits handling big hoes, and the farmers who harvested much food for the winter.   Boy is it fun to do it yourself though!  I think any food that comes out of there over the next few months will taste 100% better after this morning's work :)

Our autumn garden begun.  Tomatoes and cucumbers planted.  We'll definitely be adding potatoes, lettuce, and spinach in the coming weeks :)

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