Monday, September 24, 2012

Vanity of Self Indulgence: Session 1

This weekend, I had the privilege of going on a retreat with my new bible study Foundation.  I was blessed by all the people who put out and served me.  Honestly, I have never experienced such true, genuine, Christ-centered love from so many people at the same time.  It was quite the experience.  On the way back last night, we were talking in the car about why in the world the weekend had been such a blessing.  The conclusion was that it was because this genuine, selfless fellowship of believers for the sake of Christ is a very good earthly picture of what heaven will be like.

I was thinking about putting everything in one post, but I think it would be too long.  So I'll just mention a couple of things now and a couple of things later.

Johnathan Rourke was the main speaker and I loved hearing from him again.  He left GCC a little over a year ago and I have missed his passionate love of the word.  He reminds me in some peculiar way of CJ Mahaney.  Just a little anyway.

Ecclesiastes 2 was the passage of the retreat and John spoke for three sessions.

The title of these sermons was Disappointing Discoveries.

Session 1: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

  • Holy Scriptures give divine examples that we can look up to and learn wisdom from.  
  • Solomon is the great example.  
  • He was wise enough to enjoy some things to their peak and then stop.  He guarded himself with wisdom.  
  • "The quicker we come to the reality that we will die and be forgotten, then the quicker we will have an eternal perspective and have the mindset we're supposed to." 

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