Monday, October 25, 2010

Coffee Art

Ever since I saw my first picture of coffee art and especially after I saw my first cup of coffee with the art creatively drawn on top, I've wanted to learn to do it myself. Yesterday was the day. I was going to figure it out. I dutifully googled "how to do coffee art." I came up with multiple YouTube videos, articles, and pictures on how to do this beautiful art. I knew that I would not be perfect and that I would probably fail the first time, so, after making my espresso and steaming my milk, I wasn't too surprised to find that as I gently poured it into the cup and wiggled it back and forth, nothing happened. The cup of espresso gently blended together (completely) with the milk I poured in. Fail. However, I am not a perfectionist, so I took it with a smile and enjoyed my late with no art on top. I researched a little more and found that I had not quite heated the milk up properly. OK, I think that probably would make a difference. So yesterday afternoon I gathered some friends together and made four separate lattes and tried four separate times to create some sort of art on the top. I had a fail, another fail, another fail, and another fail. Today, sadly instead of posting on how I learned this wonderful new technique, I will just show you this wonderful picture of someone else's talent.

Now isn't that pretty?

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